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Are the important business facts you need readily available when you need them? Do you have to extract data from multiple sources (customer-facing applications, suppliers and other external sources) and combine that data to get answers? Do you question the accuracy of the data you receive as you make day to day business decisions? 

If these issues sound familiar, then we may have the Business Intelligence solutions you've been looking for.

At QuantumPM we understand the need for businesses to have solid, reliable data. We are all about making your real time data available to you. Our customers' needs have driven our development team to create Business Intelligence software solutions that are unique to the market and make accurate data collection possible. Our BI solutions provide our customers with new and innovative ways to discover and visualize critical data to produce insightful and actionable facts for better decision making. And all of this can be done in a fraction of the time and cost it normally takes.

Our software as a service (SaaS) platform, BIAdvantage, gives you real time, accurate business intelligence at your fingertips. Using its rules-based engine, you decide what systems to integrate, what data analysis is needed and what results are desired.

How Does It Work?

  • Integrate - Link together any line of business on premise system or cloud system.
  • Organize - Translate, merge and sync data between multiple systems.
  • Analyze - Get better insight from your data and convert it to intelligent action. Analytics can be provided in any format including updated systems, timely notifications to personnel, dashboards, reports, and much more.
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LabAnswer met their project profitability goals using Project Connectors and BIAdvantage

“The solution provided by QuantumPM is the foundation for moving our organization forward and has given us a platform to build from. We can do just about anything we want now; we just needed the right tool. None of this could have happened without Project Online and QuantumPM.” Jeffrey Swerdlow, Project Management Office (PMO) Manager

Learn more about Project Connectors

You have reliable data, now what?

Having reliable data is only useful if you and others understand it and use it.  Your company strategies and work flows drive how the data is used. For example, create a project schedule from your CRM system, synchronize those systems so updates are made automatically then connect to a financial system to monitor objectives and identify discrepancies.

And, of course, the data can be used to create custom dashboards and reports.  We offer a wide range of services from pre-defined Power BI reports to customized dashboards - all designed to give you clear insight into your data.  Don't keep the results to yourself, share it easily using our reporting options.

Read about what we have done for other organizations to simplify their processes and provide key results using their trusted data.