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Portfolio and Project Management Webinar Series

Eating the Elephant - Migrating from Microsoft Project Server to Project Online

Watch Now  60 minutes

This webinar will describe a phased, low risk approach to migrating from an enterprise-based solution to Project Online using a methodical, step-by-step approach focused on driving adoption and building maturity.

Migration from any version of Microsoft Project Server to cloud-based Project Online can involve many considerations and opportunities. There are many benefits associated with being in the cloud including integration with O365 applications, Power BI reporting and Project Online itself.

All the potential benefits will not be achieved in one day, but they are achievable with a focused, methodical approach. 

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Benefits of Project Online
  • A low risk, phased approach providing adoption periods
  • Migration considerations


We know migration and we can help you get there so you can enjoy the n=benefits of the cloud.

Learning curve? Let’s talk best practices using Project Online and Power BI

Watch Now  60 minutes

When considering Microsoft Project Online and Power BI as a PPM solution, it is critical to understand the best practice capabilities of the toolset. This webinar will provide a comprehensive demonstration of these tools.

We will also present methods for implementation which are low risk and allow organizations to build maturity. As always, our approach is designed to drive value by delivering both technology excellence as well as organizational adoption and usage.

Our project data is in the cloud. Now how do we interact with other systems?

Watch Now  60 minutes

Many users of Project Online and Power BI want to optimize an integrated Enterprise PPM capability through integration with third party applications. An integrated Enterprise PPM capability allows different systems to be the “system of record” for key functions. For example, Agile can be managed by JIRA, IT Incident Management by ServiceNow.

With these integrations, Project Online can support enterprise resource management, portfolio management, cost management, project management and dashboards / reporting.

BIAdvantage, QuantumPM;s Azure based SaaS integration hub, provides the connections between third party solutions and Microsoft applications. 

This webinar will discuss the integration and implementation approaches, using BIAdvantage, to connect Project Online with: 

  • ServiceNow
  • ERP


As always, our approaches are designed to drive value by delivering both technology excellence as well as organizational adoption and usage. 

Understand the value of Microsoft licensing and how you'll be impacted by future changes to Project Online

Watch Now  60 minutes

Do you understand the value of the Microsoft Licenses your company owns? Many users of Microsoft Project Online and Power BI have implemented their solution based on existing PPM solutions, past processes and older schemas. The result is that companies are not taking full advantage of what their licenses can do. Project Online and Power BI can do a lot more without increasing cost. This webinar will explore the capabilities of the Microsoft Project Online license types: 

  • Project Professional
  • Project Premium
  • Project Essential


We’ll also tell you about the coming changes to Microsoft’s “New Project” including

  • New capabilities
  • Deployment timeline
  • Migration
  • Architecture


Understanding the capabilities of the licenses you already own and the value they will bring to your organization now and in the future, represents an opportunity without additional license cost. 

How do I know if I’m doing better or worse than last month? Trend analysis with Project Online and Power BI

Watch Now  60 minutes

Users of Microsoft Project Online and Power BI frequently have a requirement to “take snapshots” and perform trend analysis of historical data to understand process performance, identify pain points / road blocks and drive continuous improvement. 

BIAdvantage, QuantumPM’s Azure based SaaS integration hub, provides the capability to take snapshots of data and can serve as a repository to help with analytics and reporting. It can be implemented in a low risk, scalable manner to meet your needs. 

Proactive Intelligence for Leadership

Watch Now  60 minutes

A key PPM challenge of many businesses is the availability of reports and dashboards to provide insights into portfolio performance. We’ll talk about potential roadblocks and issues we’ve seen, such as: 

  • Not having a clear understanding of key metrics
  • Not having a single source of truth for data
  • Data is spread across different sources
  • Cluttered, unfocused reports


This webinar will provide methods to eliminate the roadblocks so you can focus on developing Dashboards and Reports that make sense for you. We’ll demonstrate BIAdvantage integration capabilities and Microsoft’s Power BI solution. Topics to be covered include:

  • Where to start when building a dashboard / reporting construct
  • Dashboard and reporting opportunities available


Series on Common PPM Challenges
faced by many businesses.

The Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) Opportunity and the Program Management Office (PMO)
Watch Now  60 minutes

A best practice driven PPM capability is required within an enterprise to drive project management excellence and a project management discipline.  This webinar will focus on how a PMO is established and set the stage for the rest of the webinar series.  Key discussion topics include:

  • Establishing a PMO
  • PMO Capabilities
  • Portfolio Analysts
  • Resource Management
  • Reporting
  • Continuous Improvement
Project Management with Agile and Waterfall approaches
Watch Now  60 minutes

Many organizations face challenges with operating a PPM capability using a Waterfall or Agile life cycle approach. Agile development is now a focus of the Agile organization which strives to drive innovation.

  • Systems development lifecycles – Waterfall and Agile
  • When to use either method?
  • The Agile organization and innovation

This session will focus on PPM best practices for both Waterfall and Agile implementation approaches.

Project Portfolio and Intake Process Management
Watch Now  60 minutes

Determining which projects to undertake is critical for ensuring scarce resources are utilized correctly. Managing the intake process, scoring candidates and ensuring portfolio optimization are essential to maximizing the return on investment. Topics to be discussed include:

  • New product development
  • Innovation
  • Agile product development
  • Project scoring
  • Portfolio management

PPM for New Product Development and Innovation
Watch Now  60 minutes

New product development through innovation is critical to bringing new products to the marketplace. How does ideation work? How are product proposals reviewed and approved? How are products managed from “concept” to “go to market”?

PPM excellence for new product development is critical for bringing products to market quickly and driving the business case.

Topics include:

  • Project management of new product development
  • Ideation
  • Ideation workflow
  • Business case validation
  • Reporting

PPM and Resource Management
Watch Now  60 minutes

Optimized resource management requires that resources are effectively utilized and working on the proper things. This session will address how effective enterprise resource management can be achieved and the opportunities it presents from a planning and optimization perspective.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Best practices in resource management
  • Resource management capacity planning
  • Succession planning and HR

Reporting and Dashboards
Watch Now  60 minutes

PPM optimization is dependent on having insightful reports and dashboards.  Near real time reporting is an opportunity for an enterprise to proactively manage a process and are essential for an optimized PPM function.  Reporting and dashboards are also an excellent opportunity for driving continuous improvement activities.

  • Reporting dashboards
  • Targeting an audience
  • Report design best practices
  • Benefits and challenges of “real time” and “single source of truth” reporting
  • Opportunities for continuous improvement

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