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We provide PPM training for organizations using PPM best practices that can support your installed Microsoft PPM solution. Our trainers have real world project management experience and many years of knowledge using Microsoft technologies - a great combination for success.

The following courses are part of our standard curriculum for the Microsoft PPM solution which can be customized to reflect the specific methods and processes for your organization.

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    Course List:

    Course 1: Project Management using PPM (2 days)
    This class focuses on implementing sound project management planning, scheduling and tracking principles using Microsoft Project. This course introduces project managers to Microsoft Project’s capabilities, such as transforming project concepts into a project schedule and budget and practical ways to track a schedule. You’ll also learn about the collaboration tools that integrate with Project Web Access. Contact Us to Schedule

    Course 2: Administration and Setup (2 days)
    This course provides you with an overview of the administration and setup functionality for Microsoft PPM. You will learn the elements of administration needed for PPM and how to set up the business rules for your enterprise environment. You’ll receive hands-on experience in your own database or a QPM training database, showing you the full settings and functionality that PPM provides. You’ll also receive a detailed training guide Contact Us to Schedule

    Course 3: Portfolio Optimization (2 day)
    The first part of this class will step you through building and managing business cases using your organization’s Enterprise Project Templates (EPTs). The second part of the class focuses on ensuring Portfolio Manager understands the capabilities of PPM for analyzing and selecting projects through your organization’s portfolio lifecycle. Contact Us to Schedule


    Course 4: Team Member Training (1 day)
    This class provides training on all the features that team members may use for collaboration and status reporting. The class includes labs to provide each student with hands-on experience in conjunction with user interface and feature training. Contact Us to Schedule

    Course 5: Executive Overview (2 hours)
    This training class provides an overview of PPM, general project management practices and the functions that an executive might use or need to understand. This session usually involves some discussion about the organization’s implementation of project management processes including reporting and dashboards. Contact Us to Schedule

    Course 6: Power BI Reporting (4 hours)
    This class provides an overview of the various Power BI products, basic Power BI concepts like data models, reports and dashboards, and methods of sharing the visuals you create.  Hands-on activities are included so attendees can create sample reports and dashboards, experiment with natural language queries and schedule data refreshes. Contact Us to Schedule

    Other Training Options

    On-Demand PPM Webinars

    We're also here to help you with your day-to-day PPM needs and that's why we provide FREE Webinars on key PPM topics.  Check out our long list of On-Demand Webinars. And if there are other topics you'd like to hear about, please let us know.  Your feedback is valuable to us!

    Featured Resource

    Effective PPM CommunicationEffective Communication for PPM in a Technical World

    Unless you are a hermit, being a good communicator has to be at the top of your list of skills to manage. The more people you need to communicate with, the more technology that is involved, the trickier it becomes. It is a never-ending and universal struggle.  In the project management world there are multiple players each with their own specialized technology and language.  Is there a way to get the technology to speak the same language?  Can we interpret and translate the data so everyone gets what they need, in the format they need without interrupting the work cycle?  Read More


    NEW* Power BI Training 

    Understand your data, its meaning, and trends with Power BI. Power BI connects unrelated data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. As part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, it provides simple yet robust ways to provide reports, dashboards, and advanced analytics for your organization. 

    Power BI Introductory Workshop

    Get the hands-on training you need to effectively use Power BI with our half-day workshop. Following an introductory class, we will provide two-hour weekly hands-on workshops for the purpose of creating or enhancing reports related to your solution. We'll also be available for ad-hoc meetings as needed. 

    Power BI Overview Class

    This class provides a solid overview of Power BI and the details you need to start using Power BI for your company analytics and dashboards. We'll discuss licensing, how to create reports, dashboards, and apps, and how to refresh the data, among other topics. We'll get you started so you can become the Power BI expert your company needs. 

    We can also customize training for your specific needs. Contact us and let's talk