Connect Your Data 

System Connectors link business systems, applications and data. Once connected, BIAdvantage continues to cultivate that data giving you trusted business intelligence for actionable insights, decisions and business process improvement.

Most company data resides in multiple disconnected systems (like Project, JIRA, Oracle Financials, etc.). System Connectors enable those systems to ‘talk’ to each other. They work with BIAdvantage to pull key data from one system and put that data into other systems (or vice versa). This gives you a central repository of integrated data for accurate reporting, data management and process improvements. Bi-directional automation helps keep your systems in sync.


This following video explains some of the benefits you'll receive by integrating your business systems using BIAdvantage. 

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    System Connector Capabilities:

    • Translate and sync data between on-premise and cloud systems.
    • Pre-built connectors reduce configuration time.
    • Bi-directionally share data between systems.
    • Automatically sync data based on your business rules.
    • Get accurate, real-time data at your fingertips when you need it.
    • Transform synced data into meaningful reports and dashboards you can trust.


    Business Intelligence

    Connect your on-premise and cloud systems for a more complete picture of your data.

    Optimize processes. Improve data accuracy. Support fact-based decisions. 

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