What is the best Project Management Software solution for you?

No two organizations are exactly the same, they differ based on size, structure, processes and personality. Similarly, there is no "one size fits all" project management software solution. While there are many PPM options, we find that many of our customers choose Microsoft's platform because it offers them the most choices, the shortest learning curve, and the most flexibility.

Our years of experience working with companies of all sizes and disciplines combined with our extensive knowledge of Microsoft project management software and the Microsoft platform means you have the best of both on your side. If an out-of-the-box solution fits your needs, that's great! If you need adjustments, we can customize your system to work effectively and efficiently for your unique needs.


Our goal is to simplify the way you work! From on-demand webinars to a data integration solution, we have what you need to start or expand your Project Management practice.   


  • Our on-demand PPM webinars focus on common PPM challenges faced by many organizations.  

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  • Our deep experience with Project and Microsoft technologies enabled us to develop BIAdvantage, a solution that integrates data found in your business systems with key data from Project Online. Watch this video to learn more!


    How can we help you?

    When it comes to Microsoft Project and QuantumPM, we work better together. 

    Microsoft Project Experts



    Top 3 things you need to do to simplify Project Management – It’s not all about the tools.

    Are things spinning out of control in your work place? Is there so much going on you don’t know how to focus your team to move a project forward? I’ve found that having the latest and greatest project management tool isn’t the key to making you or your project successful. You need to understand how to simplify project management and you need to have the right soft skills to connect with your team.

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    We can help you:

    • Implement just the basics - A dashboard that shows your approved projects and resources
    • Implement a full life cycle for PMO oversight from initial proposal and prioritization of project work through project execution
    • Migrate to Project Online
    • Set up Resource Management
    • Set up Team Collaboration and Time Tracking
    • Customized reports and more

    Why Microsoft Project Management Software

    Microsoft's Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution is built on the SharePoint platform and is flexible so that you can start with a simple solution and build upon it as your organization grows and changes. The great news is that when you decide to take advantage of additional capabilities, such as Portfolio Analysis, extended reporting or Workflows, you don't need to add more modules because everything is included in the software product. Turn on what you need when you need it.

    Learn more about Project Online and its capabilities. 

    The most recent Forrester study reports a 387% ROI for Project Online.  That's up from 301% in 2016. 

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    Microsoft is no longer providing mainline support to Project 2013 or older versions. So, if you haven't moved to the cloud yet, now would be the time. QPM's Rapid Migration Solution can get you there easily and quickly. 

    If you have questions about the impacts of a move to the cloud on your business, or anything else, we can help.  Contact us now!


    Success is More Than Just Project Management Software

    It takes the right partner to understand your unique PPM challenges and the right level of experience to customize the solution. To implement or migrate Microsoft PPM, we follow a standard process that is flexible based on the solution and business problems you need to solve.


    Typical  Implementation Steps:

    1. Pre-implementation / migration assessment and recommendations
    2. Technical architecture review
    3. Installation and validation of software
    4. Implementation and configuration that matches your business terminology, structure, and processes
    5. Pilot deployment for a small set of users to validate the configuration
    6. Training for administrators, project managers, team members, and executives
    7. Roll-out of the solution to the complete user base.






    Microsoft Project Server

    Microsoft Project PPM

    Sample PPM Configuration Deliverables:

    • Security model that provides the right level of access for each role in your team
    • Workflows, templates, and reports using out-of-the-box or custom capabilities
    • Recommended business best practices
    • Role-based workshops to ensure easy adoption by the users
    • Generation of a configuration settings report

    If you're ready to migrate your current Project Portfolio Management platform or want to start fresh with Project Online, we can show you how this powerful project management software solution can work for you!

    We are Microsoft Project experts with 20 years of experience helping customers get the most from their investment in Microsoft PPM. We provide expert help in project management consulting, implementation and migration services. Let us help you make the most out of your investment in Microsoft technology. We're here to help!