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Desjardins had been struggling with implementing Project Server on their own, using independent contractors and internal SharePoint resources in an attempt to achieve highly complex integration with Oracle Financials and other systems. Relying on Project Server as the system of record for timekeeping, Desjardins encountered numerous problems with integration, workflow, and reporting.

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Gas and Electric companyA large gas and electric energy company serving multiple states and millions of custom-ers has a growth strategy that focuses on the modernization and replacement of its utility infrastructure, paired with complementary system expansions, customer programs and regulatory initiatives. The company is investing in electric system environmental up-grades and transmission expansions; natural gas system replacements and expansions; and enhancement of customer services.
The company has many vendors who are involved in supporting this modernization pro-gram and each of them has its own systems to manage and report on their projects. In addition, the company uses Microsoft Project Server for many internally managed pro-jects to collect project schedules and artifacts in a common place.

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Project management Case Study

The client is a state highway department with thousands of miles of highway system to manage. They manage hundreds of projects annually with a 5 Year budget of over $2.2 Billion in public funds. Projects range from annual maintenance eorts to multi-million dollar builds of new highways, bridges, and public transportation modes. There are many vendors as well as funding sources (including grants and US government funding) that need to be managed and the requests for new projects come from a variety of sources with different needs.

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LabAnswer Improves Productivity with BIAdvantage Connectors

Lab Answer needed a way to easily set and control Resource Rates on projects without over-burdening project managers.   In addition, once a project was approved to start, they wanted resource assignments to automatically show up on resources time sheets for previously proposed resource allocations. The time sheet approval process includes fixed routing to the project’s status manager then to the time sheet managers or accounting department controllers who approve all time sheets.  The data then can be exported from Project and imported into Lab Answer’s accounting system through QPM Connectors on an automated schedule job or manually ran if needed.

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Data Analysis

“Once the system [BIAdvantage] was put into production, our need for manual review of time entries dropped from 30% of submissions to less than 5% almost immediately. The system uses business rules to moni-tor adoption, compliance, and performance without human intervention, and errors are corrected by the end-users within days instead of months.”
That’s according to Mary Morabito, Information Systems and Services (ISS) Project Manager at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC), when describing the real-world business benefits her organization has experienced from its deployment of BIAdvantage.

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