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BIAdvantage is a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) business integration and intelligence solution that connects cloud systems with on-premise systems. It enables the flow of data between systems to give you access to real-time data that can be used to drive success in your business.

BIAdvantage is an integration hub that provides tactical business intelligence, business-rule driven data management and information delivery capabilities. It supports snapshot and trend analysis, enterprise reporting and can support any integration.

Data access is limited solely by what is supported by a system's APIs.  Your business processes, your governance - all supported on an enterprise level across systems - rather than a pre-defined process from a point-to-point interface.

BIAdvantage is powered by Microsoft's Azure Cloud providing the security, scalability, maintenance and performance of Microsoft.

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Business Integration to Drive Business Success

As a multi-tenant Azure solution, BIAdvantage, is fully integrated to include business rules, event management, and automatic updates using bi-directional flows. You decide what systems to connect, what data is needed, and what to do with that data. Because BIAdvantage is always on, your data is automatically updated as changes occur providing you with real time data accuracy.

Because it is built on the Azure cloud, BIAdvantage can scale to any size organization and provides the flexibility and proven security to keep your data safe. 

Project Connectors also reside within the solution to allow the movement of data between systems. Project Connectors are available to link just about any business system with Project Online (i.e., SAP, Salesforce and CRM, JIRA, TFS, Service Now, Intacct, Power BI, and more).

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Business Analytics -> Endless Opportunities

  • Bring relevant and accurate business data together - from systems that can't normally communicate - so that you have the right information at your fingertips to make informed decisions.
  • Save time, money and reduce errors by not having to enter redundant data into multiple systems.
  • Deliver robust reports and dashboards using actual data from multiple online and on premise applications and systems.
  • Customize the data analytics output using business forms and formats your team is familiar with.
  • Provide targeted information to specific individuals to help eliminate or reduce process compliance issues.
  • Spontaneously keep your data accurate using bi-directional automation.


BIAdvantage is a SaaS Integration Hub providing more than a typical point-to-point interface.

One of our largest clients found great success after migrating 10,000+ users to Project Online and then,...

...with the help of BIAdvantage, integrating that system with Oracle Financials. They now have a complete reporting database of integrated data for highly responsive reporting and a dashboard that monitors activity with Project Online. And, they reduced their overall subscription costs substantially.

Read their story here

Integrate the data your business collects and get the answers you need with BIAdvantage.

BIAdvantage can be used by any size business to give you deeper insight into your data. Here's how some of our global customers have achieved success using BIAdvantage:

  • Cross-platform business reporting
  • Time reporting integration with financial systems
  • Automated email notifications for process compliance
  • Synchronization of data between systems
  • Operational process streamlining
  • Sales statistics from CRM
  • Strategy forecasting


Scalability, flexibility and security are the cornerstones of BIAdvantage and these key features are what make it unique in the marketplace.

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BIAdvantage is the key component for a solution built to provide

  • a repeatable sales process
  • increase your closure rate
  • provide a predictable revenue flow
  • reduce your cost of client acquisition


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“This solution simplifies the joining of data from multiple sources into a single data model, without us needing to manually filter or heavily manipulate the data.”
Project Manager


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