Project ConnectorsConnect systems to achieve real time data accuracy

Connectors are a set of tools that help systems and applications that wouldn’t normally be able to ‘talk’ to each other do just that. Specifically, Project Connectors provide a link between various business systems and Project Online to allow real time sharing of data.

Rather than spending hours creating reports and checking for accuracy, Project Connectors pull key data from one system and put that data into Project Online (or vice versa) allowing for quick, easy and accurate reporting and data management. And bi-directional automation helps keep your systems in sync.

Project Connectors will

      • Translate and sync data between Project Online and other business systems
      • Populate data into appropriate fields in each system
      • Automatically keep systems in sync based on your business rules
      • Provide real time data accuracy


Think of it!  You define a work flow based on your business processes, our Project Connectors integrate the systems to connect the data, and as you go about your daily work, the systems are updated as data changes.


Project Connectors, a component of BIAdvantage, are designed to seamlessly sync your business systems with Microsoft Project, and then maintain data as it changes to provide real time data accuracy.

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