QuantumPM's founding partners Kris Athey and Rose Blackburn started the company in the basements of their homes in 2000 as a project management business. Since that time, QPM has continually changed and grown in order to effectively meet the challenges businesses face. Supported by the latest technology, we use best practices for innovation and project management to create solutions for "doing it right" and "keeping it simple"

QuantumPM is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner and we continue to specialize in providing custom software and professional consulting service and manage support solutions to organizations both large and small.

While we have worked for over 15 years in project, program and portfolio management, we have continued to evolve and develop new products to support project management, innovation and business intelligence.



QuantumPM’s deep understanding of Microsoft technologies and other commonly used business solutions has enabled us to create our latest product, BIAdvantage, a cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) SaaS solution. 

BIAdvantage is a Business Intelligence rules engine that is easily customizable, allowing organizations to measure and monitor the data that is critical to businesses and allows you to receive results in ways that make sense for your organization.

QuantumPM is a Program Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider and provides extensive training to improve your PPM skills. In addition, we provide managed support services that will fit the needs of any size organization.

We provide EXPERTISE to simplify the way you manage your work and your business processes. 

We will work side by side with you to get the job done right. 


Business Process, PPM, and Work Management Services


Cloud & Software Solutions


Enhanced Support Services

PPM and SharePoint Tier I – III customized support for any sized business