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We live and work in the digital world. Is your business keeping up? Technology leaders must digitally transform their business into a strong, modern and more efficient organization. QPM can help with that. We connect systems and data sources and make them available in a single, seamless, trusted platform. Take action with clear insights. Make intelligent decisions with trusted data. Simplify and gain control of your business processes.

Seamlessly connect your systems, people, data and processes to accelerate digital transformation. 

BIAdvantage gives you a single source of truth by bringing all your data together into one centralized platform. This SaaS solution provides tactical business intelligence, business-rule driven data management and information delivery capabilities. You decide what systems to connect, what data is needed, and what to do with that data. BIAdvantage does the rest.


Once your systems and data are integrated, BIAdvantage continues to monitor and cultivate your data to give you the insights you need to compete in a digital world.


Watch this short video to learn how BIAdvantage can help drive digital transformation in your business! 



    How can we help you?

      How can we help you?

        How can we help you?

        BIAdvantage Capabilities


        Connect Any System

        Easy, cost-effective approach to connect disparate applications and data.

        Collaborative Reporting and Dashboards 

        Cross-platform, customized data analytics output into standardized reporting formats


        Automated Processes 

        Simplified process automation based on your business rules, workflows and operational needs. 

        Remove Data Silos

        See connected data in a single, seamless, trusted view for actionable insights, decisions and business processes.

        Automatic bi-directional syncing 

        Data added into one system will automatically be added into other connected systems. No more manually entering data or uploading spreadsheets. 

        Reduce Overhead Costs 

        Save time and money by reducing data input and collection/reporting efforts. 


        Make Faster, Data-Driven Decisions

        Use the intelligence combined in one cohesive system to Identify issues, spot trends and gain better insights into your data.

        Built on the Azure Cloud 

        Provides scalability, flexibility and security you can count on. 

        Accurate and speedy configuration 

        No configuration or integration is beyond our scope. Years of experience enable us to simplify the configuration process. 


        Simplify to Stay Competitive

        Streamline processes, reduce overhead costs, make smarter decisions - all using the power of BIAdvantage. Here are a few examples of how BIAdvantage has helped advance digital transformation for some of our customers. .

        • Cross-platform business reporting
        • Time reporting integration with financial systems
        • Automated email notifications for process compliance
        • Synchronize data between systems
        • Optimize operational processes
        • Link sales statistics from CRM
        • Fact-based strategic forecasting


        This is accomplished using our pre-built system connectors to move key data from your business systems to the BIAdvantage hub, giving you one source of truth for all your business needs. 


        Business Intelligence


        One of our largest clients found success...

        … after migrating 10,000+ users to Project Online. Then, using BIAdvantage, we integrated that system with Oracle Financials. They now have a complete reporting database of integrated data that they use for highly responsive reporting and a dashboard that monitors activity with Project Online. And, they saved a boatload of money.

        Read their story here



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