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    ENGLEWOOD, CO  (November 1, 2017) - QuantumPM was selected in a head-to-head bakeoff with another Microsoft Gold Partner to provide a solution to Desjardins, a top rated cooperative bank in Canada, that created an interface between their key systems, was cost effective and scalable. The solution, BIAdvantage™, was built on the Azure cloud by QuantumPM and takes advantage of key benefits of Azure including scalability, flexibility and security.

    The solution provided to Desjardins creates an interface to their Oracle environment using BIAdvantage allowing it to pull timesheet data from Project Online and pass it to Oracle. In addition, the solution provides a complete reporting database of the integrated data for highly responsive reporting and a dashboard that monitors activity. The solution, and future modifications, are provided as part of Desjardin's subscription costs, thus reducing their overall costs substantially.

    During the first week of usage of the new solution, an equivalent of 12,000 timesheets were submitted. There was only a 1% error rate reported and that number continues to improve with slight modifications to the system. Because of the success of this solution, Desjardins has moved up their timeframe for moving all of their users to Project Online from 1 year to just 5 months; increasing their Project Online usage from 4,000 to 10,000 users.

    Key value points from the BIAdvantage solution:

    • Built on Azure platform with key features including scalability and security.
    • Capability to quickly scale globally for a single client.
    • Demonstrates an international span: A US company using US services is able to operate within a Microsoft Canadian data center.
    • A key barrier preventing some companies from moving to the cloud is how to get data from Project Online into their key systems (i.e., SAP, Oracle). BIAdvantage removes that barrier by managing the data in its Hub.
    • Capability to automatically update Project Online from other systems and to provide reports showing immediate results.
    • BIAdvantage provides real time data, speed and accuracy.

    The daily time required for processing reports was reduced by 90% (from 10 hours to near real time).

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (July 8, 2015) – QuantumPM, Inc., a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner that specializes in developing customized software solutions based on Microsoft technologies, today announced the release of BIAdvantage, its first-ever business intelligence (BI) software offering aimed at corporate leaders seeking a business-rules driven, yet easily customized and affordable BI solution.

    With BIAdvantage, CEOs and other corporate leaders can gain a competitive edge knowing that their decisions are made based on the most accurate data available,” QuantumPM President and CEO Rose Blackburn said. “They no longer need to fear making the wrong decision because of faulty data or human data-entry errors. Because BIAdvantage automatically extracts pertinent information directly from the source-of record, accuracy and timeliness are assured. Moreover, modifications to BIAdvantage can be made easily, making it a flexible and cost-effective way to gain solid business intelligence.“

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