Rose Blackburn is CEO and one of the founding partners of QuantumPM, Inc., an Englewood-based technology company. QuantumPM provides PPM consulting services and cloud solutions for customers throughout North America. The company began with a focus on building solutions to help customers manage their portfolio of projects and have since expanded to incorporate business intelligence and dashboards for operations and project portfolio management across all customer lines of business. Rose’s background is in project portfolio management, telecommunications and information systems development. Her career has included leadership assignments within the United States and Europe. She holds a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute and has earned a Masters in Technology Management from the University of Denver. She also received a Masters certificate in program management from the University of Denver. When not working, Rose enjoys travel with her husband and family and loves to explore hiking trails anywhere they exist.

More productive way to get work done

On the Fast Track to Productivity

So you’re back to work after the holidays and your inbox is overflowing, you’re not sure where to start or what your co-workers have already taken care of. Worse yet, this is all a repeat of last year’s routine. There simply has to be a more productive way to get work done. How about starting…