Connect your Key Systems for Deeper Insights

System Connectors, as part of BIAdvantage, seamlessly connect your business systems, applications and data. We have pre-built System Connectors for many common business systems and processes. If the Connector you need isn't on the list, we can create one for your specific business needs.  




BIAdvantage™ Base Service needed to connect and operate BIAdvantage™ Connectors. Includes Microsoft Azure™ computing, platform and services, data storage data transfer to/from customer’s cloud and/or on-premise applications and/or desktop computers, administration console application.
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Provides Project Portfolio Management data management for business process automation and integration with data from other systems (Finance, CRM, etc.). Scheduled and/or business rules trigger electronic notifications (e.g., email, SMS) to specific audiences (e.g., roles) to support compliance, incentives, and/or operational business processes such as Management/Monitoring.
Financials Interacts with Financial and Project Accounting data to integrate with PPM data for data-driven decisions and analytics, workflow and business process automation.
CRM Turns sales opportunities into projects automatically via workflow and business rules.
IT Service Request or Agile Connector (i.e., JIRA) Automates integration of key data such as time spent on service requests or software sprints into your PPM solution. Business rules will trigger and coordinate various events and updates.
ERP / HR Business process automation for oversight of HR data with other line-of-business systems. Eliminates errors and improves timeliness of updates for personnel within all systems securely and without human intervention.
Backup / Disaster Recovery Provides custom backup services for project schedules that are created by Project Managers. Recover previous schedules if something has occurred to corrupt a schedule and prevent lost data. Note: Project schedule backups are separate from Office 365 and SharePoint backups that the Client may currently have installed.
Office 365 Application Connectors  Bi-directional integration with Office 365 application data and other systems or modules. Data can be pulled from one format and integrated into another format as required.
Audits and Monitoring Maintenance and support of customized business rules, validation controls and reports developed for the integration of data between one or more source application systems or stand-alone data files and one or more target applications or stand-alone delivery files.
Operational Data Store / Dashboards & Reporting Coordinates data integration from BIAdvantage™ data store (e.g., PPM, Financials) into an Operational Data Store for reporting and corporate warehouse management.
Custom Modules Connection and business process automation from line of business systems through codified connectors that streamline the flow of data

Add-On Services

Project Guard on the Desktop Guards reports and integrations with outside systems to ensure tasks and projects remain valid as projects change.
Custom Services  Additional Services can be built as required.

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