[twocol_one]QuantumPM and ProjectHostslogo have joined forces to provide a cloud-based Innovation Management Solution. Our cloud-based offering is perfect for companies that want a permanent Innovation solution in the cloud, want to jump start their innovation deployment, or simply want to deploy a pilot version to test their company’s innovation readiness. Our Innovation in the cloud offering provides a secure hosted infrastructure including networking, monitoring, backup, and authentication.

Recommended Innovation Director pilot services include planning, configuration, and support throughout the designated pilot time period. Our expert staff will work with you to gather requirements for the pilot deployment, configure the software, and provide training and support for you and your team members to ensure a successful outcome. Once your pilot is complete, you can move your permanent solution on premise or stay in the cloud.  If you are happy with the solution and want to keep it in the cloud, no problem! We will work with you and our hosting partner to maintain the highest level of performance for you.

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Don’t let another great idea slip by!
Jump start your innovation program with our cloud-based pilot program.

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