QuantumPM provides expert help and add-on software products to help your organization excel with SharePoint and Project Server:

  • Project Portfolio Management, Innovation , and  Organizational Workflow
  • Integration services for Microsoft PPM Custom Development
  • Products built on MS Project, SQL, SharePoint,  and Project Server
  • Support for all of the above

QuantumPM’s suite of products makes your work life easier and adds more value to your Microsoft Enterprise Platform. Our SharePoint and Project Server extensions work with your Microsoft business platform whether you choose to host it on premise or in the cloud.

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Innovation in the SharePoint Platform



Innovation Director (InnoD)

Create configurable processes for workflow and provides state-of-the-art methods for generation of ideas. InnoD includes methods to sort and filter ideas, establish governance, and deliver a full ideation solution from concept to completion. Combine this SharePoint tool with the capabilities of Project Server for a full end-to-end life cycle solution.

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Microsoft Project Desktop Solutions

Work Breakdown Structures in Project Server

WBS Director

Simplify the way you build a project schedule by using our graphical interface to build your WBS. Behind the scenes it will create the basics of your schedule so you don’t have to. The WBS Dictionary interface will keep your project’s scope front and center.

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Earned Value Management

EV Manager

Enhance WBS Director’s capabilities so that you can track your actual progress against work packages and automatically create all of the standard earned value metrics. Once your tracking data is entered, the charts and reports are automatic.

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Schedule Auditor for Project Server

QSA (Schedule Auditor for Project Server)

Quickly validate project schedules on 17 parameters and generate a report so you can improve quality. Save hours of effort and eliminate logic errors without painful and tedious review of every task.

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Microsoft Project Portfolio Management Solutions



Simplify all time and task functions through the use of the QPM ribbon. This easy to use product provides the flexibility to meet the different time and task reporting requirements within your organization as well as the efficiencies needed to keep time and task data in synch.

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Reporting for Project Server


This tool simplifies the creation of database views to all Project Server information for external reporting or integration to other systems. Save a lot of time, reduce the SQL expertise needed and more easily create your own reports.

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Project Server - Resource Forecaster

Resource Forecaster

View projects and resources in a portfolio view then easily move project start dates to view the impact on resources. Create “What if” scenarios you can save to make decisions on projects and resources.

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