Tracking project costs and effort so that you have an accurate picture of your project is not easy.

Even if you spend hours each week manually validating time sheets, you may not get the results you expect.

We've all been there.  Using a manual validation process that includes chasing resources through calls or emails to submit their time, reviewing submissions of time from hundreds of personnel against various projects is incredibly time consuming and it leaves you little or no time to do the analysis needed to feel confident in the numbers.

Time Tracking Software


What if there was a better way? What if you had time for analysis instead of using your time to beg for data? BIAdvantage has a Time Tracking Software feature that can do just that.

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"Once the system [BI Advantage] was put into production, our reporting errors dropped from 30% to less than 5% within weeks. The system now monitors adoption, compliance, and performance without human intervention, and errors are corrected by the end users within days instead of months"

Now you can proactively manage your time reporting with data that is reviewed and validated automatically.

Using BIAdvantage, targeted notification goes to the people who haven't complied with the process. If the submitter makes a mistake, the individual, the PM, and/or the supervisor can be immediately notified through an automated email process resulting in a quick resolution.  Additional analytics can be provided for specific projects and work groups.  The process is dynamic and is configured to fit your business model.

  • Recover staff time wasted on validation
  • Monitor and improve adoption, compliance and performance without human intervention
  • Correct errors quickly

"BI Advantage simplifies the way we work. It is responsive and adaptable to change. It creates multiple reports at the same time and does so accurately and efficiently. That functionality combined with a company that delivers excellent service and support creates a winning BI solution,”


Time Tracking Software

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