Moving to the cloud is easy with Microsoft Office 365.  Easily migrate your important data from your existing email setup and office applications with our proven migration approach. It's safe and secure, just like O365!  Move to the cloud and realize the value of the O365 collaboration tools.  We've helped many customers achieve success in the cloud and we can help you too!

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Microsoft Office is even better in the Cloud! 

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Migrating your data to the cloud is an important step.  We can help you get it done, or if you prefer, we offer options to help you do it yourself.


Self-Service options

OK, we get it. Sometimes, you just want to manage things on your own. If that’s the case, here are some tools you can use.  From migrating your email to backing up your current cloud environment, these tools will help you get started.  And, if you find that you still need our help, we're here for you. 


Self-Service Migration Planner

The Self-Service Migration Planner for Exchange Online is designed to help you plan a simple migration and then we will jump in and help you finish things up. Once the plan is in place, you can see how easy it is to migrate to Exchange Online.


Self-Service Cloud Backup

QuantumPM's Cloud Backup solution through Skykick is a cloud-to-cloud backup application that offers unlimited backup, lightning-fast search, one-click restore of your Office 365 email, calendar, and contacts, OneDrive and SharePoint files. Cloud Backup protects you from accidental or malicious data loss – which affects over 50% of companies each year.


Remember, we've got you covered.  We can help you move to the cloud, back up your systems and more.  Contact us for any help you may need.