Simplify the Creation of Your Work Breakdown Structure

WBS Director uses industry best practices to embed the creation and management of the work breakdown structure (WBS) directly into Microsoft Project.

WBS Director’s user-friendly graphical interface helps you define project scope as well as build your work breakdown structure. Using a noun-based interface, WBS Director helps you focus on work packages and deliverables.  


WBS Director simplify the creation of your work breakdown structure


MS Project and WBS Director work together to assist you with scope management, requirements, change control and overall project control.  Schedules created in WBS Director can also be the foundation for creating standard earned value metrics using Earned Value Manager.

best practice scheduling using WBS

The ABCs of Best Practice Scheduling using
WBS Director and Microsoft Project


Project’s Scope/Charter


  1. Start with one of our industry templates or build your own.
  2. Use the WBS Dictionary to document the project’s scope.
  3. Determine what’s in and what’s out.
  4. Establish the framework for the project.


Project scope into manageable packages


  1. Use the graphical interface to further break down the work to be completed within the project.
  2. Use the WBS Dictionary to document the work to be performed in each work package. WBS Director captures all top-down planning elements, including duration, effort and cost for each work package. It also helps you roll the planning numbers to the higher levels of the structure.


A schedule to support the
WBS Work Packages


  1. Since WBS Director has already created your schedule framework for you, just complete the schedule through the bottom-up development of the activities.
  2. Link the activities together in their logical relationships and assign the appropriate resources, effort and cost numbers.