TimeControl has been one of the world's most popular timesheet software systems since 1994 because it's both flexible and versatile. The TimeControl timesheet software system includes links to popular project management tools like Microsoft Project Server, Oracle's Primavera and Deltek's Open Plan and Cobra and links to virtually any Finance, HR, or Payroll system including popular ERP systems like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics and Payroll systems and services like ADP.



  • Fulfills multiple timesheet roles simultaneously

At its core, TimeControl tracks time on a task-by-task, project- by-project basis. Yet it is, fundamentally, a financial timesheet system with all the controls necessary to fulfill the needs of Payroll, HR and Finance.

TimeControl is multi-browser compatible and multi-lingual. The user needs to see only those aspects of TimeControl that they must and, best of all, TimeControl can eliminate the need for multiple timesheets making this the one-stop entry for all timesheet data.

  •  One Time reporting system for all your time reporting requirements

TimeControl includes extensive reporting and an unlimited number of links to external systems. It can transfer data with virtually any ERP or Finance system including SAP. TimeControl is compliant with multiple government accounting practices.

  • Works with multiple software systems

TimeControl is often used to track not just how much time is being spent in an organization but where it was spent and, for some organizations, this means linking to a project management system. TimeControl supports more project management links than any other timesheet on the market.

  • Flexible and easy to use

TimeControl is without question the most flexible timesheet system on the market. In virtually every aspect of TimeControl's design, flexibility is a primary goal. TimeControl's hallmark is the ability to deliver a different aspect of a solution to different parts of the organization - in other words - being able to adapt to many conditions simultaneously is something that it does well. The software will also work on multiple devices.

  • Fast and Affordable

Goes from purchase to deployment in less than 6 weeks.



QuantumPM is an authorized TimeControl Dealer. We can provide either an on-premises installation or, if your interested in a hosted timesheet solution, we offer a subscription to TimeControlOnline in the cloud.

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