Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer

The customer is a large consumer goods manufacturer with global retail markets focused on products for fashion, home, cosmetics, and personal care. With thousands of products and a global footprint, the organization must be innovative and always in touch with its customers. Prior to beginning this project, the customer’s business processes for new product development were labor intensive with a great deal of variation in the product work streams. There was little capability for standard tracking of each project/product life cycle, resulting in limited intelligence regarding the cost and profitability of each new product.

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State Transportation Department

The client is a state highway department with thousands of miles of highway system to manage. They manage hundreds of projects annually with a 5 Year budget of over $2.2 Billion in public funds. Projects range from annual maintenance efforts to multi-million dollar builds of new highways, bridges, and public transportation modes. There are many vendors as well as funding sources (including grants and US government funding) that need to be managed and the requests for new projects come from a variety of sources with different needs.

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