Get your data to work for you

  • Are you managing a portfolio of projects plus day-to-day operations?

  • Do you struggle to pull together data from various applications so that you can make decisions in real time?

  • Do you need to merge data from various systems like CRM, PPM, SAP, and others?

  • Do you need access to data in real time and on a myriad of devices?

QPM has helped many companies reach new levels of internal visibility by integrating processes and systems.  More expansive and integrated visibility brings new insights and better and more timely business decisions.

Here are a few examples of line of business integration solutions we've developed:

  • For a state transportation department:  We integrated financial and project oversight information into workflow management systems to enable key decision points with the right combination of financial, operational and project information.
  • For a medical device organization:  We integrated task management functions with line of business product management systems to provide effort data used in higher level systems for Product Managers.
  • For an environmental services company: We combined HR and personnel status information with project management systems to enable project staffing and cost management capabilities.


Technologies used in customer solution examples:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Project
  • Various planning and tracking systems
  • Various financial systems
  • PeopleSoft


If you've experienced similar issues, or would like to reach new levels of visibility and process efficiency in your organization, we can help. 

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