Custom built for your team

Collect key data from any system of record into one easy-to-read format. Enhance decision making with real-time, automated views.



Our Dashboards deliver the following features:

Roll up of all projects and programs

  • Configurable rating criteria: business-rule driven

  • Displays that are clear, concise, and contain
    only the relevant data


Tier 1)

Roll up of all projects and programs, broken out by groupings selected by the customer.

Frequent choices:

  • Program
  • Project Type
  • Organization

Tier 2)

Configurable rating criteria business-rule driven

  • Drill down by category and status
  • One-click link to project detail or workspace
  • Filter based on configuration

Tier 3)


  • Schedule
  • Issues
  • Risks
  • Cost
  • Role-based security access
  • Customizable
  • Integrate with other LOB applications

Get the relevant data you need to manage in real-time.

Want to create clear, concise, and custom dashboards?
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