Built on the Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server Platforms

We’ve successfully helped many companies solve issues they can’t quite fix on their own by extending the use of their existing platforms or creating something new to fit their specific needs.

PPM SolutionsIssues we’ve solved


Issue 1:

A federal government agency needed to provide its stakeholders with near-real time status for thousands of projects going on across the country. Their current solution required hundreds of hours of manual intervention to pull data from the system and create reports.


QPM created a SharePoint-based portal to display selected project status information in real time. The resulting solution provides web access to view the project information and a reporting option when paper reports are required. The solution has resulted in a dramatic cost savings and reduction in errors.


Issue 2:

A manufacturing company that specializes in custom orders for very large fabricated units needed to improve its capabilities to forecast, schedule, and manage resources/workflow for each customer job that it wins. Their previous system included many individual Excel spreadsheets, sales orders in paper and other formats, and some informal instruction.


QPM used Project Server as the background engine to create a full hands-off manufacturing load tracking solution. The system provides automation for job estimation, creation of projects, and reporting of status from sale through final quality inspections. It controls status by tracking inputs from shop floor timesheets and progress reporting through PC slate devices. The system now provides reliable prediction of staffing and material requirements as well as an accurate picture of current project status. It has a direct impact on customer satisfaction due to improved reliability of order delivery.


Issue 3:

A leading energy company needed to synchronize data between their financial contract management and their project schedules so that budgets are accurate, and vendors are properly managed and compensated.


QPM provided a bidirectional interface between the proprietary financial system and Project Server to keep the data synchronized.


Issue 4:

A large services company needed to improve the accuracy of financial tracking of its active projects so that decisions regarding overall portfolio management are timely.


QPM provided a bidirectional update mechanism for specific data between PeopleSoft Financials and Project Server. The solution includes workflow oversight and management approval for full budget control.