A successful Innovation Management Program creates a productive and effective innovation culture which fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to

  • come up with great ideas
  • critique or expand on the ideas of others
  • help move the right ideas through a process for development
  • share in the rewards of success.

How many great ideas fall to the floor?

Ideas start as inklings and insights by people who think of creative solutions to their day-to-day challenges. Coming up with ideas is the easy part.  Capturing those ideas in a way that can help your business is the challenging part.  In fact, several organizations have told us that they have so many ideas, they have trouble keeping track of them.  If you can’t capture and manage ideas, you lose the employee insight that could make the difference for your company. Without the right framework, the great ideas are lost.



Real World Solution Examples:

The following are real-world examples of innovative companies with solutions supported by QuantumPM.


QuantumPM Ignites Innovation in Healthcare

Client Profile: The client is a large, nationally recognized leader in the healthcare industry. This family of companies delivers affordable healthcare services and products to nearly 70 million Americans. Their nationwide network includes over half a million physicians, healthcare professionals, and 80,000 dentists.

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The client is committed to the delivery of the best possible quality of healthcare services and is seeking ways to continually improve all facets of their company. In fact, they have spent nearly $3 billion in the last five years on research, development, technology, and process improvement to encourage an environment of employee contribution toward innovative solutions. Some of the solutions have led to changes that are improving the way healthcare is delivered and administered across the industry.


The client’s innovation program needed a solution to support the volume of ideas generated by their corporate culture of innovation. They sought a fully customizable solution with an out-of-the-box framework that fit their needs. This national healthcare company relied on QuantumPM to solve their innovation management challenges. The solution was deployed to the entire company global employee network using the existing SharePoint framework. It works on a variety of browsers and devices including smart phones and tablets. During the first week of production, thousands of ideas were successfully submitted through a set of managed challenges. Once created, the ideas were available for discussion and voting using the social collaboration capabilities of the system. Over the course of each challenge timeframe, ideas evolved until they could be prioritized, reviewed and the winning ideas were selected for further development.

 Innovation Hub

Hub-Centric Innovation for Software

Client Profile: The client is one of the largest software companies in the world with a strong and loyal customer base. As their customer needs change and the demand grows for cloud computing and social collaboration, the client expects to stay ahead of its competition. To accomplish this, they have incorporated innovation into every department and every team within the company. They do not expect all good ideas to come from their R&D group. In fact, every employee is challenged to participate in the company’s success.

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The client has employees in global and regional divisions spread across the world. A large portion of their employees work virtually and see their colleagues in person only occasionally. To build teams and make sure they work as a unit with common goals, the employees are expected to be well-connected via the internet and to participate in common goals. Each employee may be part of several different teams that need to work cooperatively to accomplish goals in very short time frames. The pace is fast and the expectation is that the employees work creatively to get things done.


QuantumPM provided our Innovation Director software to the client so they could build Innovation Hubs that can be managed independently for various regions and divisions. Within each Hub, the client teams created Challenges that were focused on solving specific problems or driving to new product ideas, as appropriate to the divisions. Independent work groups can invite employees to participate in one or more Hubs or Challenges as it makes sense to their needs. Each Challenge has a short life span of 4-6 weeks during which ideas are submitted, discussed and voted on, embellished, and finally promoted to longer term projects that can be developed into new and improved products and business improvements. Each Hub operates independently of the others while seamlessly providing social networking and collaboration capabilities.


Sustainable Engineering Leadership

Client Profile: This customer is a well-known engineering firm with a global footprint. They specialize in sustainable engineering for the construction industry and are recognized as thought leaders. They strive to continually exceed the expectations of their clients for “green” solutions for the long term operations of their infrastructure. The challenge for them was to achieve an optimal balance between flexibility, durability and construct-ability, often on a tight budget.

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The customer was looking for solutions to help them identify good ideas to enable them to maintain their leadership position in the industry against significant competition. They wanted a solution that would fit seamlessly in their Microsoft infrastructure, would cause minimal disruption and could be ready for use quickly.


QPM set up an innovation solution in a matter of days that was ready for an immediate pilot. The pilot included a Challenge to a key set of employees targeting one significant area for improvement. A Challenge Leader was selected and trained and the team was able to move forward within a few weeks after their decision to install the solution was made.