Create a Custom Solution 

QuantumPM will work with you to create a custom integration solution that integrates software for collaboration, workflow, and databases to create repeatable and measurable results.  We build solutions on the Microsoft platform to streamline work and organize it so that the tedious and error-prone components of work are automated and people are able to focus on the right things to maximize their performance.

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Custom Integration

How it's done:


QuantumPM uses Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, Project Server, Azure, and other components (third-party tools or custom efforts) to create solutions that meet specific needs.  Whether you use SaaS software, on premise or a hybrid of the two, our solutions can pull it all together.


  • Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc.)
  • Portfolio Management (governance, business case development, demand management, portfolio oversight)
  • Program and Project Management
  • Innovation Process Management
  • Custom Work Management (examples include custom manufacturing solutions, digital dashboards, integration with financial and HR systems, and more!)


Organizations are more efficient and make fewer mistakes when they use repeatable processes and tools to simplify the way they get work done.  Simple workflows, common tools, and standard approval cycles make processes repeatable and trainable so anyone who whorks int he organziaion know what to do and when to do it.  


No More Heroics to Get Things Done

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