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Project Portfolio Management (PPM) means something different to every person, company or government entity.  In a nutshell, PPM is a set of business practices and processes that help an organization prioritize, align and execute projects to meet its strategic objectives. Understanding your business goals and implementing the right processes to affect those areas are fundamental elements of QuantumPM's philosophy and approach.


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People, Processes and Technology

Project Portfolio Management uses a combination of people, processes and technology to effect change. It is often the role of the Project Management Office (PMO) to make this change happen.

We know every organization has its own concerns and objectives, so we work alongside you and your team to ensure we understand those goals and ensure processes are in place to meet your needs. Interested in more details? Read more about the ABCs of Governance for a few good ideas.

A successful PPM solution does not work in a vacuum; the solution also needs to work inside of your operational environment. To do this, QuantumPM looks at work management, collaboration and content management as key areas to address when managing projects within an organization. 


PMO, Project management consultants


Work Management, Project Management Consultants

Work Management / Collaboration / Content Management

Everyone knows there is more to running a business than just managing projects. Operational work needs to be done, people need to share documents and collaborate on hundreds of different things. We also know that not everyone is a Project Manager so they don't manage work in the same way.

"Work" can be divided into two categories:

Regular, cyclical and predictable: This type of work includes operational efforts to keep the organization running. (i.e.,computer maintenance, business management, and human resource management).

Project-focused work: This type of work is intended to change or introduce new ways of doing business. Projects should have goals, budgets/resources, and end dates so that new ways of doing business can be successfully integrated into the organization. 

Our approach to Project Portfolio Management looks at operational work and at the tools you use so that processes can be integrated and your day-to-day operations can be simplified. Using streamlined and automated solutions for common processes will bring efficiencies and times savings to your organization. 



Organization Change and Adoption

Organizational change can be a challenge. As changes are decided, special attention needs to be focused on making sure that your organization is ready to adopt those changes. Even if the results of change will be simpler in the long run, it can still be hard. The people and processes that are embedded in the culture of an organization are keys to success. Technology helps with change but it has its limits; the rest of the journey requires optimized business processes and people with the focus and skills to perform. Interested in learning more? Read more in this article about organizational change.

Organizational change, Project Management Consultants

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