Why are you still using spreadsheets

Are you still managing your projects with Excel spreadsheets?

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 Listen to Laurie, a recovering Excel user:

Excel is a spreadsheet software that’s great for helping to calculate and manage financial, statistical and engineering information.  It provides a straightforward approach using cells, spreadsheets and workbooks which makes it easy to use and understand.  Setting up a project in a spreadsheet and linking cells and workbooks can be easily done.  The problem I’ve run into is that projects don’t always work out the way you plan them and Excel doesn’t provide enough flexibility or functionality to manage all the details of a robust project, or for that manner ANY project!

Project management involves managing four basic elements of a project: resources, time, money, and scope.

You need to be able to recognize if your resources are overbooked or not getting tasks done as quickly as planned and then mitigate any issues in the project schedule.  You also need to see what impact these delays will have on your project’s budget.  And what if someone decides to add new requirements and you have to reorganize your project schedule?  It’s a nightmare! Excel wasn’t built to be a complete and collaborative project management tool.  It just can’t do it. So, to save time, simplify my life and make the “powers that be” happy, I’ve had to learn how to use a real project management tool.  The one our company uses is Microsoft Project.

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