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Managing Resources without Losing Your Mind

By Rose Blackburn

Title (4)

In our consulting practice, we see many organizations with tons of project work to do and a great deal of frustration that the work takes longer to get started and completed than initially predicted. The immediate explanations usually sound something like:

  • the resources weren’t available when they were supposed to be or
  • the resources assigned didn’t have the skills or
  • there aren’t enough resources to get the work done or
  • … (you get the picture).

While each of these explanations may be true, it doesn’t help very much. The level of churn will continue and the loss of productivity can become destructive and demoralizing until the problem is solved.  This isn’t because people aren’t trying to solve the problem, it’s just a hard problem to solve and the solution isn’t always obvious. Without a clear image of the work ahead (project and operational work), a true understanding of resource availability (resources with the right skill sets), and clear priorities, it’s difficult to solve.

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