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 4 Ways Poor Project Management is Like a Disappointing Trip to the Beach

By Tawanna Howard

PMO Symposium 2014 Miami Beach

Where I live, the summer weather has come and gone, the leaves have changed color and are already falling off the trees. However my husband and I have started planning for our anniversary trip to Hawaii next year, and so at the moment I’ve got the sand and waves on my mind. All of the islands sound lovely, so while deciding which island to visit, we first tried to narrow the list by eliminating those that might disappoint us the most. Because I’m an IT Consultant, I always have project management on my mind as well, and soon I found myself thinking about all the parallels between a disappointing trip to the beach and a poorly managed project. Here are my top four.

1. Choosing the Wrong Beach

The very first thing that came out of my husband’s mouth was “It doesn’t matter which island.” Initially, I was in agreement with him. I mean, a beach is a beach, right? With the right attitude one could enjoy themselves at any beach. But then I started thinking about why we wanted to go. Did we want to see

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