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Project Portfolio Managment, Collaboration and Work Management are the domains we live in. If you have needs in this space, we are ready to help you.

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Our software products and solutions were built to help simplify the way you work!

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Our value added support services can help you with your day-to-day issues as well as solve your most challenging problems!

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QuantumPM, Inc. is a Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner and a PMI Registered Education Provider with deep expertise and business best practices for the implementation and support of Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server.

Areas of Expertise

  • Work Management Solutions
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • End-to-End SharePoint Consulting
  • Enhanced Support Services
  • Software Products
  • Idea Management Software

O P E N I N G (3)

7 Benefits of Project Management Standardization

Do the majority of the projects in your organization finish right on schedule? Was the original estimation of how much money and/or resources would be required accurate? When the opportunity for a new project or customer engagement comes up, do you have a reliable method of determining how much time, money and effort will be needed to complete it?

For many organizations, the answer to all of these questions is usually “no”. An estimated 70% of projects fail to achieve targets, many times without a clear understanding of why. Many organizations have teams and project managers that operate with independent approaches, with several people redundantly trying to solve the same problems, often without being aware of it. Hours are spent re-creating project plans and processes that someone else has defined before.

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