No more heroics to get things done

We know that not everyone is a Project Manager and there's a lot of operational work that needs to be done in an organization in addition to project-focused work.  Using streamlined and automated solutions for common processes can make everyone's life a little easier.

Work Management

To keep it simple, let’s divide “work” into 2 categories:

Regular, cyclical and predictable

This type of work includes operational efforts to keep the organization running. ( For example computer maintenance, business management, and human resource management.)

Project-focused work

This type of work is intended to change or introduce new ways of doing business. Projects should have goals, budgets/resources, and end dates by which the new ways of doing work will be accomplished.

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QPM Work Management Solutions combine software for collaboration, workflow, and databases to create repeatable and measurable solutions. The purpose of these solutions is to streamline work and organize it so that the tedious and error-prone components of work are automated and people are able to focus on the right things to maximize their performance.

How it’s done:

QPM uses Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, Project Server, and other components (third-party tools or custom efforts) to create solutions that meet specific needs. Our solutions include:

  • Portfolio Management (governance, business case development, demand management, portfolio oversight)
  • Program and Project Management
  • Innovation Process Management
  • Custom Work Management (examples include custom manufacturing solutions, digital dashboards, integration with financial and HR systems, and more!)

Value Proposition:

Simple, repeatable, efficient

Organizations are more efficient and make fewer mistakes when they use repeatable processes and tools to simplify the way they get work done. Simple workflows, common tools, and standard approval cycles make processes repeatable and trainable so anyone who works in the organization knows what to do and when to do. No more heroics to get things done.  Contact us to find out what we can do for you.