Project Resource Planning for Project Server

QPM knows that balancing your projects with available resources can be difficult. We make your life easier with Resource Forecaster, a Project Resource Planning tool that dynamically simulates what-if workload conditions by giving you the ability to see your project portfolio in various scenarios.


  • Displays monthly or weekly resource capacity and availability
  • Built-in filters to group, slice, or dice views for project and resource attributes
  • Exports your scenarios to Excel for further analysis
  • The dynamic graphical interface provides
     ……immediate visual feedback
    …….simulation of what-if workload conditions by moving start and finish date
    …….view of resource assignments across multiple projects

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Resource Forecaster helps you better understand

  • potential resource collisions before they happen
  • the amount of remaining work on a specific project
  • the effects of delaying a project

Resource Forecaster is a customizable add-in module that provides extensible out-of-the-box functionality to meet your planning and resource forecasting needs.