Our customers wanted more flexibility in the way their employees report time. Microsoft’s Project Server 2010 provided single entry mode which was an improvement but still didn’t meet all of the needs. So, we designed QPMSTAT which extends the functionality in MS Project Server 2010 so that all task and time functions are in one place, allows for different timesheet/task policies for different groups, and much more

Benefits: Users

  • Access Calendar Display Format from single user interface
  • Notification to users of rejected time or task item
  • Easy recall for rejected time-sheets
  • Time and task data stay in synch
  • Ability to delegate tasks from single interface
  • Hierarchical view of tasks – gives important context for large projects
  • Time and task row totals – no need to bring out the calculator
  • Ability to simplify and manage your own time-sheet and task status screens
  • Ability to update remaining work

Benefits: Admin

  • Each region, division, or group can have their own time-sheet and reporting policy within the same Project Server instance
  • Features to control user presentation
  • Multiple billing categories
  • Includes administrative controls and quality checks
  • Define the business rules by user group without compromising global reporting,  i.e., Group A starts their workweek on Sunday, Group B starts their workweek on Monday

Single Entry / Single Interface

Features that QPMSTAT provides:

  • Flexibility to support multiple time and task policies for different groups within the same Project Server instance
  • ALL time and task functions can be reached from the single QPMSTAT ribbon, eliminating the need to switch between ribbons to submit status
  • Rejection of either the time or task submission will recall both components to keep all data in synch
  • Improved user screens to save time and eliminate confusion
  • Administrative controls of time and task policies all in one place


Need more details on the differences?

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