Going to the cloud?

QPM Project Server and SharePoint Solution will meet you there.

QuantumPM’s suite of products makes your work life easier and adds more value to your Microsoft Enterprise Platform. Our SharePoint and Project Server extensions work with your Microsoft business platform whether you choose to host it on premise or in the cloud.

Each product extends the capabilities of Microsoft’s out-of-the-box functionality and was developed to solve your day-to-day work process issues. QPM knows how businesses use Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server, and we will make them work for you in the cloud.


More QPM Hosted Service Offerings

QPMSTAT, a QPM Project Server Solution

Extends the capability of Project Server Single Entry Mode. QPMSTAT time reporting add-on simplifies time and task management by improving, correcting, and expanding on some of the standard features of Microsoft Project. Our one-screen, one-ribbon time-saving functionality is now available as an extension with your hosted Project Server Platform.

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EZReporting, a QPM Project Server Solution

This report creation tool aids in the compilation of intelligent, custom reports without the expense of a highly skilled SQL expert. This product simplifies the creation of database views for all Project Server information for external reporting or integration to other systems. EZReporting is available as an extension to your hosted SharePoint and PPM Platform.

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Innovation Director (InnoD), a QPM SharePoint Solution

This Innovation Management Tool works with the many functions and capabilities of SharePoint. Combine this SharePoint tool with the capabilities of Project Server for a full end-to-end life cycle solution. If implementing an innovation program is on your to-do list, to find out more about our risk-free, cloud-based, Innovation Director Pilot Program.

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