QPM knows Project Server Reporting. With 4 data bases plus hundreds of tables and fields, companies needed a tool to simplify how they build great reports from their Project Server 2010 Business Intelligence Center.


  • Intuitive – i.e., all project-level data is in EZR’s Project EasyView
  • No in-depth Project Server database knowledge required
  • User-friendly terminology
  • Customizable field names
  • No Project Server Database schema knowledge needed – basic SQL knowledge is enough
  • Joins, outerjoins, innerjoins, and embedded select statements are taken care of for you
  • Simplifies the complexity of the PPM database schema
  • A SharePoint solution that creates sets of SQL Views in MS Project Server
  • Installs in minutes
  • Intelligent reports can be created quickly and easily
  • Report creation is not limited to the IT department

You can use EZReporting without SQL server syntax knowledge, which is usually required to create custom and oftentimes complex reports. You can use EZR’s base reporting capabilities, or you can create user-specific reports, even if you don’t have the programming skills in house.

EZR provides simplified, “flat” database views for projects, resources, tasks, assignments, and time sheets.

Project Server Database Views

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QPM’s EZReporting:

  • simplifies the creation of database views to all Project and Portfolio data for external reporting or integration to other systems
  • allows a user to quickly and easily find and query attributes from the PPM solution, including data on issues and risks
  • provides an interface to the Project Server data so that the report designer doesn’t have to:
    • have extensive SQL query experience
    • know which of the four databases to use for the most current data
    • deal with the overwhelming complexity of the PPM database schema

Types of reports:

  1. Resource utilization
  2. KPIs on program or portfolio
  3. Status
  4. Decision support
  5. Corrective action

If your reporting needs are complex and go beyond the EZReporting tool, QPM has the skills and expertise to help you. Our consultants and developers are experienced in working with clients, understanding their needs, and building reports that are both efficient and cost-effective. Our team can help you with your Business Intelligence needs.