Your people need to be supported by the right processes and technology regardless of the type of work they perform. Our PPM and Work Management Solutions combine business process with software for collaboration, workflow, and databases to create repeatable and measurable solutions. These solutions streamline work, organize and automate tedious and error-prone work components, and help your people focus on the right tasks to maximize their performance.

The work of an organization can be divided into two types:

  • Regular, cyclical, and predictable work includes operational efforts to keep the organization running. Examples: computer maintenance, business management, idea/proposal management, and human resource management
  • Project-focused work is intended to change or introduce new ways of doing business. Projects have goals, budgets/resources, and end dates by which the new ways of doing work will be accomplished.

How we can help

QuantumPM provides services to support your business process.

Our successful engagements have included organizational maturity assessments, PMO design and development, portfolio alignment to strategy, project management software implementation and configuration, process consulting services, customized reporting and tailored software solutions, project audits, systems management, and training.



The combination of your business processes and our experience with collaboration, workflow, and project portfolio management (PPM) will help simplify the way you work. Our solutions bring the power of Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint to you. We will partner with you to determine if:

PPM and Work Management

Successful PPM

The processes and decision-making workflows embedded in the culture of an organization play a much greater role in success than the choice of technology. Below are the key ingredients of success.

Organizational requirements


Clear goals and reasonable expectations –

PPM software systems are loaded with features that can create value in an organization. The key is to pick the most important components and start with those rather than attempting to create an all-encompassing system at the beginning. Set clear goals and expectations that can be measured and met. Incremental gains will get you to your goal faster.

Engaged and supportive leadership –

Leadership means more than approving the budget and resources for an initiative. It means presence and involvement in setup, establishment of the right goals, and management of expectations. When establishing programs as important as PPM, leaders need to recognize that initial results of the process may fall short of what they want. Success comes in three steps: 1) engagement (getting the staff to do what is expected, even if they don’t get it right the first time); 2) accuracy (practicing to reach a reliable and predictable result); and 3) improvement (simplifying and improving so that processes are streamlined and metrics tell the story).

Committed and knowledgeable team –

The culture of an organization can either drive or interfere with success. The people not only need to understand the importance of the initiative; they need to clearly understand what is expected of them, and have the training and skills to succeed.


Solution requirements


The right processes –

Leverage industry-proven best practices and automation of workflows, and start with the credo that “less is more.” It’s easy to add more later but it’s hard to remove processes once they are in place.

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The right tools –

The combination of Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server platforms brings together state-of-the-art technology that is recognized around the world for usability and flexibility. It is available as either an on-premise or a cloud (SAAS) solution.

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The right plan –

Regardless of the choices you make for the platform and the processes, you need to manage your PPM implementation using strong project-management principles. Technology can’t do this for you; only a strong plan will ensure success.