Successful Solutions: There is much more to business management than purchasing a good product. The people and processes that are embedded within the culture of an organization are key to success. Technology helps but it can only go part of the way; the rest of the journey requires optimized business processes and people with the focus and skills to perform.  Let's talk about what we can do for you.

Key ingredients in success

Organizational Requirements:

Clear goals and reasonable expectations
Work Management / IPM / PPM software systems are loaded with features that can create value in an organization. The key is to pick the most important components first and start with those rather than attempting to create an all-encompassing system at one time. Set clear goals and expectations that can be measured and met. Incremental gains will get you to your goal faster.

Engaged and supportive leadership
Sponsorship means more than approving the budget and resources for an initiative. Clear leadership presence and involvement in the setup, establishment of the right goals, and managing expectations make all the difference. When establishing programs as important as PPM, leaders need to recognize that the initial results of the process may fall short of what they want. Success comes in 3 steps: 1) engagement (getting the staff to do what is expected, even if they don’t get it right the first time), 2) accuracy (practicing to reach a reliable and predictable result), and finally 3) improvement (simplifying and improving so that processes are streamlined and metrics tell the story).

Engaged and knowledgeable team
The culture of an organization can either drive or interfere with success. The people not only need to understand the importance of the initiative; they need to clearly understand what is expected of them and have the training and skills to succeed.

Solution Requirements:

The right processes
Balancing between too much, too little, too complex, too trivial is difficult. Simplifying the way that work is done in an organization is not easy and it takes time. Leverage industry-proven best practices, automation of workflows, and start with the credo that “less is more”. It is easier to add more later; it is hard to remove processes once they are in place.

The right tools
We like the Microsoft suite of tools because they are familiar to all and easy to use. In addition, they enable you to have the level of capability you need for collaboration, project management (ranging from simple to complex), or general operational management. You pick how much is right for you.

The right plan for engagement and adoption
Our approach to adoption of new systems (people, processes, and tools) is to use an agile methodology. Pick what’s important and achievable in a short time then add to it as you go along. We want to make sure your team first learns to use the technology and processes (adoption) and then we work to refine the use over time (accuracy and improvement).