A full innovation life cycle allows you to capture ideas and carry the right ideas through implementation.  Successful solutions often have hundreds of ideas submitted into the pipeline and it is important to have a methodology that helps bring the right ideas to the top of the pile. In addition, people want to participate in innovation systems that show progress and purpose. They want to see that the organization takes innovation seriously and that chosen ideas are executed on.

Combine the Creativity of the Front End with the Power of the Back End for the full Innovation Life Cycle using Innovation Director.

  • Front-End or ideation component for the enterprise, division, or even suppliers and customers. 
  • Back-End Innovation component which promotes selected Ideas Into MS Project for a holistic approach to innovation


Full Innovation Life Cycle Solution Process

Innovation Lifecycle - Engage Innovation Life Cycle - Evolve Innovation Lifecycle - Evaluate Innovation Life Cycle - Execute
  • Challenges
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Discussions
  • Idea Teams (wikis)
  • Brainstorming (blogs)
  • Social Computing
  • Reports
  • Collaborative
    Business Case
  • Interactive
  • Process Automation
  • IP Documentation
  • Idea Portfolio
  • Objective Selection
  • “What if” Analysis
  • Strategic Fit
  • Financial Risk
  • Project Management
  • Phase Gate
  • Reporting
  • Task and Resource
  • Accelerate Concept
    to Launch Process

Many innovation solutions focus on the first “E” above; the submission and collection of ideas (often referred to as a “digital suggestion box.”) While the capture of ideas and the social computing components are important and powerful, they are not sufficient if your organization wants to capitalize on ideas and turn them into new products or improvements in your business processes. A system and approach need to be in place to enable you to take selected ideas through the process to achieve targeted goals.

fulllifecyclelargeThat’s why we developed Innovation Director (InnoD).  InnoD is a full life cycle solution, built on the SharePoint platform, that allows a team of people to capture, review, prioritize, and analyze ideas in a systematic way so that the right ideas – the ones that fit your company’s needs – can go from concept to reality. The software is built with Microsoft technologies and is easy to configure to match the way that your organization wants to work. 

InnoD provides a starting point for a life cycle process that can be modified as needed.

Innovation Director uses technology to help develop a business case, support selection of the best ideas, and then manage the selected ideas as projects. From concept to reality, Innovation Director will support your innovation process.

“Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless”

(source: Mary Kay Ash as quoted in a March 14, 2013 Forbes article, Read Full Article

We love this quote because it drives to the core of our belief system around innovation. It is not about how many ideas you have but rather how well you execute on the right ideas that makes a difference for your business. We believe that organizations who support their people with simple processes and tools will have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

Innovation Platform

Just one good idea, well-executed, could result in amazing ROI for your company. For this reason, we created Innovation Director which provides a full innovation life cycle to capture ideas and carry the right ideas through implementation.