Use a flexible approach for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and everyday work

Project Portfolio Management Solutions

Our process expertise includes; project and portfolio management, workflow management, cloud services, and innovation process management. Bottom line, we build and configure software solutions on the SharePoint and Project Server platforms to simplify the way your organization manages its work.

Below is a list of some of our solutions:

Work Management

Work Management

arrowProject Portfolio Management and Work Management

Our solutions bring the power of Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint to you. We will partner with you to determine if:

  • A PPM solution will help you solve your business goals.
  • The “out-of-the-box” Microsoft Project Server will meet your needs
  • An on-premise or “cloud” solution will work best for your business
  • A combination of SharePoint basics and Microsoft Project is the place to start
  • A custom approach is needed
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arrowProject Portfolio Management Life cycle and Maturity

QPM’s services include PPM process management and methodology consulting in addition to software integration. Our goal is to match the technology to the way your business works rather than the other way around.

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Microsoft Project Online 365 arrowCloud SolutionsProject Online

QuantumPM has partnered with Project Hosts to help you with your hosting needs. We are ready to move you, meet you and/or enhance your cloud experience.
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Innovation Management

Innovation Management arrowInnovation Process Management

“Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, or existing market needs.” (Wikipedia) Innovation Process Management (IPM) is a methodology to ensure that the best ideas rise to the top and are acted upon.

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arrowInnovation Life Cycle

Innovation Life Cycle is the process that allows a team of people to capture, review, prioritize, and analyze ideas in a systematic way so that the right ideas – the ones that fit your company’s needs – can go from concept to reality. Our tool Innovation Director uses this technology to help develop a business case, support selection of the best ideas, and then manage the selected ideas as projects.

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arrowInnovation Management

Every business has unique needs and we believe your innovation process must be a good match for your corporate culture. The focus of innovation management is to allow your organization to respond to an external or internal opportunity, and use its creative efforts to introduce new ideas, processes or products.

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Project Management arrowSupport for Microsoft Solutions and Microsoft Project Online (Cloud)

QuantumPM supports our solutions on all our products and services including; innovation and work flow systems, dashboards and reports, and time-sheet solutions within Microsoft Project and Project Online. We can assess your technical setup, perform data analysis, and provide assistance to prepare you for the capabilities available with each new software release so that you get the right solution for your organization.

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