PPM Training

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Training

QuantumPM provides custom (PPM) training and support of your installed Microsoft Project Server – Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution using your organization’s processes and methods. The following courses are part of the standard curriculum for the Microsoft PPM solution and are customized to reflect the specific needs of your organization.

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Course 1: Project Management using Project Server (Two days)

This class focuses on implementing sound project management planning, scheduling and tracking principles using Microsoft Project. This course introduces project managers to Microsoft Project’s capabilities, such as transforming project concepts into a project schedule and budget and practical ways to track a schedule. You’ll also learn about the collaboration tools that integrate with Project Web Access.

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Course 2: PMO Administration and Setup for Project Server (Two days)

This course provides you with an overview of the administration and setup functionality for Microsoft Office Project Server. You will learn the elements of administration needed for Project Server and how to set up the business rules for your enterprise environment. You’ll receive hands-on experience in your own database or a QPM training database, showing you the full settings and functionality of Project Server. You’ll also receive a detailed training guide.

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Course 3: Portfolio Optimization Using Project Server

The first part of this class will step you through building and managing business cases using your organization’s Enterprise Project Templates (EPTs). The second part focuses on the capabilities of Project Server for analyzing and selecting projects through your organization’s portfolio lifecycle.

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Course 4: Resource Management Using Project Server (One day)

This class introduces resource management features and processes. You’ll learn how projects are created and updated to reflect resource allocation; how to review and analyze resource allocation, assignments and actual work; how to update resource pool information. The course also teaches the collaboration tools that integrate with Project Web Access. An optional half day of workshop training may also be added.

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Course 5: Team Member Training for Project Web Access (Half day)

This course provides training on all the features of Microsoft® Office Project Web Access. In conjunction with functionality training, this training may include labs to provide you with hands-on experience. You’ll also receive a detailed training guide.

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Course 6: Executive Training for Project Web Access (Two hours)

This class provides training on general project management practices, and Microsoft Office Project 2010 features and functions of Project Web Access. You’ll also learn implementation of project management processes and Project Web Access functionality, including reporting in the Project Center and using the Business Intelligence reporting center. You’ll receive a job aid for using the executive functions. This training should be customized to focus on the main reporting elements of your organization.

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Course 7: Enhanced Reporting in Microsoft Office Project Server(Four hours)

This class provides training on the Business Intelligence (BI) and Portfolio Analysis capabilities within Project Server. You’ll learn the BI Center Services, including Excel, Visio, Performance Point, SQL Server Reporting and PowerPivot. The course provides a high-level overview of the BI Center setup, and you’ll get hands-on training using labs.

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