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Good, Better, Best Practices for MS Project Schedules

Join us to explore tips and tricks for making sure that your Microsoft Project schedule is a good representation of the project you are managing. From simple to complex, find the right techniques to fit your needs.

The Integration of Social Networks in PPM

Yammer, Lync, Skype, SharePoint, PPM, email, meetings, hallway conversations, sponsor briefings,… OH MY! Effective communication is often the key differentiator in project success or failure. This session is focused on using technology to simplify your communications needs by making sure accurate information is available to your team when and where they need it.

Microsoft Project 2013 – Are you ready?

Join the QuantumPM experts as they reveal the capabilities of Microsoft Project 2013 and the many options available for moving to it. Come with your questions and concerns and let us shed some light on what solution is right for you.

Building a WBS: Focus on deliverables to keep your Project Scope on Track


The work breakdown structure provides a mechanism for keeping the project in scope by specifying the outcomes of the project – the deliverables – instead of the schedule or individual tasks. Learn how real project managers have used these proven techniques to keep their teams focused on project goals instead of getting lost in the details. Use Microsoft Project and WBS Director to make it happen.

Earned Value Management for the Rest of Us


This course takes the mystery out of Earned Value Management. If you want to improve your ability to predict your estimate at completion, you need to follow some fundamental principles when building your project schedule. This seminar focuses on the key concepts you need to know rather than the complexity of compliance reporting.


Innovation Director: Making Ideas Happen

Learn how companies use the power of SharePoint and Project Server to capture and build upon the good ideas of their people. Leverage the power of social networking within your corporation to identify the best ideas. Take these ideas from concept to reality using state-of-the-art technology.

Instead of creating long lists of ideas that are difficult to manage, learn to use Innovation Director to quickly find and capitalize on the ideas that rise to the top. Innovation is driving much of our current work load so we would like to share with you some of the ways in which we are using Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server to help our customers leverage their resources.

Beginning Tips and Tricks


Come and learn how easy it is to create project plans "the right way" using Microsoft Project 2010, so you can manage your projects more effectively. Some of the topics covered include tool overview, task dependencies and constraints, resource assignment, baselines, timelines and handy tips and tricks. Whether you’re an occasional or a seasoned project manager, we guarantee you'll learn something new!

Intermediate Tips and Tricks


In real life not everything goes according to schedule. Attend this session and learn how to use project task types and resource types to make your schedule closely map to reality. Then learn to incorporate change into your project plan by keeping good baseline data, the power of critical path analysis, correctly making schedule updates and rescheduling tasks. Learn how these capabilities help you predict the project’s future and reduce your delivery risk.


Advanced Tips and Tricks


The possibilities for scheduling within Microsoft Project are limited by your imagination and the needs of your business. Learn to create calculated fields that automatically track key performance metrics, create enhanced reports, work with master/sub-projects and much more!

PMO Best Practices - Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Project Server Environment Healthy

Join the QuantumPM experts as they take you through their top five tips to keep your project server environment in excellent health. They will share some of the good, bad and ugly issues we’ve seen and let you in on some of our secrets for preventing and eliminating these problems. Tips include both Project Server and Project Professional best practices.

EPM Reporting in Project Server


Review the reporting capabilities within Project Server including the Project Center, Resource Center and the Business Intelligence Center. Enhanced reporting capabilities will focus on Dashboards, Excel services, Performance Point services and SQL Server Reporting services.

EPM Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Project Server is chock full of features and, because it is embedded in the SharePoint platform, it is doubly feature rich. Here are some tips and tricks for customization in Project Server right out of the box.

Setup and Use of Timesheets in Project Server


Learn about the task and time reporting submission process in Project Server. Topics to be discussed include single entry mode, Prerequisite server settings, new UI capabilities, submitting time options, tracking methods, administrative tasks and approvals.

Innovation Director: Planning Your Innovation

A Party Plan
Available for groups upon request

Soliciting and successfully eliciting ideas from your employees for the first time is not an easy proposition. There are many potential stumbling blocks to the vision of "large numbers of directly applicable ideas" that we all want immediately. Planning is important and the experience to the employee is important. To initiate innovation, make the first experience more entertaining and use some party planning techniques.

Project Server Assessment

Every Project Server implementation must address four major business conditions: Business Process, Technology, Organization Core Competencies, and Leadership Strategy. Discover the key business processes and technology configurations needed to successfully implement or optimize Enterprise Project Management. Learn why conducting an assessment is critical to the overall success of an implementation/optimization effort and how it can help uncover underlying issues. Regardless of your organization’s size, project management maturity level, or difficulty of existing issues, the QuantumPM assessment is the first step in the right direction to provide higher return on our Project Server investment.

Portfolio Optimization and Analysis


Understand Portfolio Management in Project Server  including how to review and adjust the portfolio alignment, set up portfolio analysis, prioritize business drivers, prioritize projects, analyze what-If scenarios, analyze resource requirements, adjust project start dates and analyze resource acquisition scenarios.