A key factor in solid business intelligence is making sure that the correct data needed for key business decisions is collected in the right way and at the right time.   Once collected and analyzed, viewing that data in an understandable way is imperative.  QuantumPM offers a range of services from simple, basic reports to customized solutions for your specific business data, streamlined processes and strategically valuable knowledge to manage your business better.

QuantumPM can work with any data sources including Ofiice applications like Excel,  SharePoint, Project Server, databases and line-of-business applications. The data from these sources can be merged into one seamless dashboard or a variety of reporting formats customized to the needs of your business.

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Reporting Options

  • Out of the box - Set up of pre-defined, standard reports
  • Prepackaged - Use a defined set of standard reports
  • Configurations - Setup a Business Intelligence Center using OData and/or OLAP cubes for reporting use
  • Customization - Modification of report templates/dashboards and development of new ones to include customer unique fields and desired layout/format

Types of Reports:

  • Portfolio - Forecast, analysis, availability.  Answer question like "What type of additional resources do I need, if any?"
  • Project and Program - Variance, trending, status, metrics.  Answer questions like "how many projects in my department are behind schedule?"
  • Resources - Utilization, availability, allocation, analysis. Answer questions like "What is the average amount of time my resources are billable?"
  • Timesheets - Compliance, KPIs, trending.  Answer questions like "What percentage of my organization is turning in their timesheets on time?"
  • Financial Data - Project & resource cost, budget/baseline variance, margins.  Answer questions like "How many of my projects are over budget?"


QuantumPM can design dashboards and reports that will help you run your business more efficiently.